Beta Testing!

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Hello Everyone,

As promised, here is a download link for the beta version of Robogeddon, Enjoy!

Feel free to leave bug reports /questions at: arpastorello {at} arpastorello {dot} com

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since a post because we were in the final stages of development for the game. We just updated the site with some more information about the project and screen shots of all the new work done on the game. The game will be playable at Showfest at WPI next Friday and soon after that we will have a downloadable Beta version of the game on the site. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us! Come see us at Showfest!


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Here’s a majority of the comic, the rest is not fully rendered, but is on its way!

(click on pages to view full images)


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Ian, Bloggenator Pt. 14

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This past week I looked into and attempted to create a fog of war. Unfortunately after 10+ hours of work, I decided the approach woudln’t work, and had to abandon the effort.  I also researched on how to “publish” our game from Visual Studio, so we could have a deployable build. I was unable to successfully make, one but I think I know mostly what to do now.

Adam says: race for playable

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In an attempt to make a playable version of the game, this week I implemented all the little things that just needed to get done. The player will now only start with 2 parts and gain parts as they kill factories. Also the factories produce bots with proper production times. The whole week I have been puting new artwork in the game as I get it and debugging the level editor as well. On a side note, riley and I made a play testing  strategy and tested our first player. He was confused but had fun playing around with controls.

Ian, Bloggenator Pt. 13

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It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted… the crunch has set in and I’ve been forced to give up all my non-academic activities to finish this project and my degree! In the frenzy I lost track and forgot to post all the work I’ve done, so here we go…

I worked with Karl on improving movement (hard to say whether it’s actually been improved much) by playing around “pushing.” In the end he did get better results, though I like to think my efforts were not totally worthless.

I added camera boundaries to the game, so the camera doesn’t fly off the map.  This applies to both the level editor and the game itself.

I wrote some code that generates robotic tribes and the human settlement if the loaded map file doesn’t specify those locations. It is moderately intelligent and a bit randomized – “good enough” to work for a while.

I created “neutral tribe AI.” Essentially they just produce robots pseudo randomly, changing it up every so often, utilizing the parts that they have. Very soon I will give them a bit more intelligence so they will maybe put their guys into formations, and perhaps even attack!

I improved the way formations work, allowing formations to react to additions and removals from “groups” of robots.  Once several other related features are implemented, movement in formations should be very smooth and able to respond to changes quite well (so I say, anyway).

Phew – like I said, it’s been a while! I may have worked on other things… but I’ve forgot by now.  Anyway… next time I write, we should have a working game!



Adam says: particle effects!

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Over the weekend I got to finish up the new map file type and got out working in the game. Also I integrated a free to use xna particle effect library called project mercury. Did a test run and got some effects in the game. They look great!

Ian, Bloggenator Pt. 12

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D term, oh D term, how we love thee.

Over break I was down in Georgia for a week-long Ultimate Frisbee tournament, making it quite difficult to do any work for Tesla.  However, now that D term has begun, I’ve hit the ground running and continued where I left of from C term.

I have been able to essentially add “formations” to robot movement.  Instead of the robots moving from location A to B using just the flocking principles, they now gather into a particular formation, facing their destination, and then travel, roughly holding that formation, to their destination. This was accomplish by modifying the flocking behaviors and assigning each robot a different target position in the formation.

This is a solid base for an essential part of the robots group AI. I will be writing more formations and polishing related movement code up throughout the rest of the week.

After a long day of coding with my level editor, I have finally got doodads working in the editor (they will work in the game too) After a bit more coding to make doodads selectable, rotateable, moveable, and deleatable, i will be creating a new file format for our maps .tsla2  This will be the final format used to load levels into the game (which comes with the editor) so everyone can make levels and play them! Horray Levels!

Heres an image of the first ever Doodads in the game! (thanks Sean for some cool power-lines):

The greatest thing since sliced bread

The new 3D editor